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ballistic drilling button bits

  • BR2-75 DTH Hammer Bits For Rock Drilling

    Contact Now BR2-75 DTH Hammer Bits For Rock DrillingBR2 DTH hammer bit is made by tungsten carbide tips and high manganese steel.They are widely used in different drilling applications including mining,quarrying, water well drilling, geotechnical industries and etc for hard rocks.

  • BR1 BR2 BR3 DTH Hammers For Sale

    Contact Now BR1 BR2 BR3 DTH Hammers For SaleBR2 DTH hammer is a valved down the hole tools and designed for high performance and low air pressure. They are always used with 70-80mm DTH hammer bits. 1,BR2 DTH hammer

  • The Alloy Bit

    Contact Now The Alloy BitAlloy bit is made by superior steel. It is wear-resistant and high impact toughness, because of good characteristics carbide bit is widely used in coal mining and ore mining.

  • Blast Hole Tricone Rock Bits

    Contact Now Blast Hole Tricone Rock Bits1,Blast hole tricone rock bits 2,Air-cooled and gas pressure deslagging bit 3,For coal, iron ore, and more.

  • DTH Hammer Bit

    Contact Now DTH Hammer BitDTH bit adopt YK05 tungsten carbide as the buttons material, use advanced manufacture process to produce. It is a bit which is used with DTH hammer supporting, it works reply on spline and hammer supporting. Because of good performance it is widely used in geological drilling and ore mining.

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