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coal mining pick holder

  • 29(30)mm Shank Carbide Pick Tool for Sale

    Contact Now29(30)mm Shank Carbide Pick Tool for Sale38/30mm cutter teeth is made to fit in the holder socket is stepped. It is wear-resistant and high impact toughness.Read More

  • 153mm PDC Concave Bit for Coal Mining

    Contact Now153mm PDC Concave Bit for Coal MiningThis is 153mm PDC concave bit, it is made by 1308 flat PDC cutters and 45# steel under forging process. Combining the superior characteristics of PDC and steel makes the bit widely used in coal mining and geological drilling.Read More

  • PDC 2 wings anchor shank bit for mining and construction

    Contact NowPDC 2 wings anchor shank bit for mining and constructionPDC anchor shank drill bit adopts new and superhard raw material to produce. Its service life is 10 times than carbide anchor bit. It has good durability and high impact toughness in the working process, thus can improve the drilling efficiency.Read More

  • Tunnel Boring Machine pick bits

    Contact NowTunnel Boring Machine pick bitsAdopt advanced design method and superior material, optimize the cutting head design , matching design the geometry of cutting head shape, size, cutter tooth arrangement, the geometric parameters and cutting parameters. Strive to work in each equal sectional tooth bearing, same wear-resistance, smooth movement, to improve the efficiency of cutting coal and rock. Reduce tooth wear and tear. To improve the reliability performance.Read More

  • U85 carbide bullet teeth for underground mining

    Contact NowU85 carbide bullet teeth for underground miningU85AUS 16NB is a conical pick for underground mining, our U85AUS cutter bit adopts 16mm quality carbide tips and 42CrMo to manufacture. it is wear-resistance and impact toughness. In order to guarantee each product is quanlified, our factory adopt strict pass through system.Read More

  • U85 AUS16NB coal mine drill bits

    Contact NowU85 AUS16NB coal mine drill bitsU85 AUS16NB coal mine drill bit is made by 42CrMo and YG11C carbide tips. it is widely used in underground coal mining. Adopt raw material and advanced manufacturing process to produce. Good quality and strict quality control system make our bits get good reputation.Read More

  • Coal Mining Picks With Wear-resistant Layer

    Contact NowCoal Mining Picks With Wear-resistant LayerCoal cutter picks are made by YG11C tungsten carbide tips and 42 CrMo steel. To weld a wear-resistant layer to the bit head is to add the wear-resistance of the bit.Read More

  • Top Quality T38-76mm Button Bit for Ore Mining

    Contact NowTop Quality T38-76mm Button Bit for Ore MiningT38-76mm button bit for ore mining is made by YG6 carbide buttons and steel. Combining the superior characteristics of YG6 carbide tips and steel makes T38-76mm button bits widely used in hole drilling of coal mining, ore mining, water well drilling and water conservancy.Read More

  • Tungsten carbide tips cutter picks for underground coal mining

    Contact NowTungsten carbide tips cutter picks for underground coal miningCut the warm extrusion technology manufacturing tooth body, warm extrusion is in metallic re-crystallization temperature of material forming, molding temperature from 600 to 800 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, the metal is no longer produce the defects such as oxidation and the grain growth, improve the micro-structure, fine grains, increase the impact toughness of the cutting teeth. At the top of the cobalt cemented carbide carbide and synthesis, formed very high hardness and wear resistance of alloy, the use of advanced welding technology to ensure the high performance ratio of the cutting teeth.Read More

  • 42CrMo Tool-holders for coal mining

    Contact Now42CrMo Tool-holders for coal miningMaterial:40CrMnMo(4140),42CrMnMo(4240)Specification:S100,S160,S200,U170, etc. In addition to common specifications, our products can be made according to your drawings or samples.Read More

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