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crusher tools w6 22 milling teeth

  • YG6C Carbide Tips W8/22 Round Shank Conical Bit

    Contact NowYG6C Carbide Tips W8/22 Round Shank Conical BitRoad milling bits are made by YG6C tungsten carbide tips and 42CrMo steel. It is the main spare part of road milling machine in road milling process. We supply road milling teeth with diameter from 20mm to 22mm.Read More

  • Cap-shape Tipped Road Milling Bit

    Contact NowCap-shape Tipped Road Milling BitRoad milling teeth(road cutting picks) are made of 42CrMo steel (pick body material) and YG11C alloy steel(Tip material). They are used with road milling machine and used for cutting asphalt road and concrete road.Read More

  • Tungsten Carbide Tip Road Milling Teeth

    Contact NowTungsten Carbide Tip Road Milling TeethTydrillbits supply road milling bits with tungsten carbide tips. The carbide adopts YG8,YG11C or negotiable. Bit body adopt 42 CrMo steel. We have more than 7 years experience of supplying kinds of drill bits.Read More

  • RP19 road milling teeth

    Contact NowRP19 road milling teethRP19 road milling teeth are made of YG6C tungsten carbide tips and 42CrMo. It is wear-resistant and impact toughness and suitable for milling asphalt. RP19 bits apply for road milling machine size with 1000-1900mm.Read More

  • W6/22 road milling bit

    Contact NowW6/22 road milling bitW6/22 road milling bit is also known as road milling teeth or road milling picks. They are made of 42CrMo steel and YG6C tungsten carbide tips(tungsten carbide and Cobalt). 42 CrMo steel is the shank material. Tungsten carbide and Cobalt is the tip material.Read More

  • RP18 Asphalt Road Milling Bits

    Contact NowRP18 Asphalt Road Milling BitsRP18 road milling bit is made of 42 CrMo and YG11C alloy steel. It is wear-resistance and high impact toughness. RP18 bit applies for small milling machine and it is suitable for cutting soft to medium hard asphalt road milling.Read More

  • Road Milling Machine Tool-holders HT22

    Contact NowRoad Milling Machine Tool-holders HT22Tool holder is an important spare part of road milling machine, it is made by high quality hardened and tempered steel with maching and forging process. HT22 is a new quick-change tool holder system.Read More

  • U85 carbide bullet teeth for underground mining

    Contact NowU85 carbide bullet teeth for underground miningU85AUS 16NB is a conical pick for underground mining, our U85AUS cutter bit adopts 16mm quality carbide tips and 42CrMo to manufacture. it is wear-resistance and impact toughness. In order to guarantee each product is quanlified, our factory adopt strict pass through system.Read More

  • Wear-resistant RP01 road milling teeth

    Contact NowWear-resistant RP01 road milling teethWear-resistant RP01 road milling teeth are made of tungsten carbide tips and 42CrMo. It applies for asphalt stabilization. Carbide tips shape of RP01 bits is cylindrical, it applies for any kinds of road milling equipment.Read More

  • C21 Auger Teeth for Earth Drilling

    Contact NowC21 Auger Teeth for Earth DrillingAuger teeth is made by tungsten carbide tips and steel shank body. they are widely used in underground coal mining and tuneling jobs, and always used with cutting mining machine.Read More

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