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  • PDC Reaming Bit for hole drilling

    Contact NowPDC Reaming Bit for hole drillingPDC Reaming bit diamond expanding drill bit is a patent product, it is made by PDC cutters and steel, tungsten carbide. We supply PDC reamer bit with matrix body and steel body.Read More

  • R32-55 Cross Bits for Furnace Blast Hole

    Contact NowR32-55 Cross Bits for Furnace Blast HoleProducts description R32-55mm cross bit is made by tungsten carbide tips and 42CrMo. It is widely used in ore mining, rock drilling and furnace blast hole drilling in steel industry. Thread button bit has better impact toughness and to radial wear- resistanceRead More

  • Blast Hole Tricone Rock Bits

    Contact NowBlast Hole Tricone Rock Bits1,Blast hole tricone rock bits 2,Air-cooled and gas pressure deslagging bit 3,For coal, iron ore, and more.Read More

  • PDC arc pillar bit for hole drilling

    Contact NowPDC arc pillar bit for hole drillingPDC arc pillar bit belons to a steel body drill bits. PDC cutters as its cuting element. polycrystalline diamond as its gauge protection. because of fast drilling rate, long service life, and thus the drill bit pick up and put down time is reduced, and it has higher cost-effective.Read More

  • 133mm PDC Matrix Body Bit for Hole Drilling

    Contact Now133mm PDC Matrix Body Bit for Hole Drilling133mm PDC matrix body bits adopt 1308 PDC cutters as the cutting teeth, tungsten carbide as the bit body. Superior raw material makes our PDC matrix body bit widely used in hole drilling of coal mining and geological drilling, water well drilling and dam construction, etc.Read More

  • Steel Body PDC Drag Bits for Hole Drilling

    Contact NowSteel Body PDC Drag Bits for Hole DrillingSteel Body PDC Drag Bits for Hole Drilling is made of carbon steel and PDC cutter. Hardness and toughness of PDC cutter and high wear resistance of carbon steel makes the drag drill bits more abrasive. tapered layout of blades with PDC cutters makes the drag bit drill fast in the soft to medium hard rock formation, reducing the labor intensity, improving the drilling efficiency.Read More

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