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tapered polycrystalline diamond cutter

  • Surface Diamond Core Bit for rock drilling

    Contact NowSurface Diamond Core Bit for rock drillingThis type of bit is primarily recommended for use in drilling relatively soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formations that are not effectively drilled by impregnated diamond bit. It is also recommended for use in drilling harder formations where the available rotary speeds and bit loads are insufficient to use impregnated diamond bits due to drilling equipment limitations.Read More

  • Tapered PDC cutters for oil and gas

    Contact NowTapered PDC cutters for oil and gasTapered PDC is made of tungsten carbide and diamond powder, because of its special shape, conbine the hardness of diamond and impact toughness of tungsten carbide, it is usally used in makeing superior coal cutting picks.Read More

  • Tungsten carbide tips cutter picks for underground coal mining

    Contact NowTungsten carbide tips cutter picks for underground coal miningCut the warm extrusion technology manufacturing tooth body, warm extrusion is in metallic re-crystallization temperature of material forming, molding temperature from 600 to 800 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, the metal is no longer produce the defects such as oxidation and the grain growth, improve the micro-structure, fine grains, increase the impact toughness of the cutting teeth. At the top of the cobalt cemented carbide carbide and synthesis, formed very high hardness and wear resistance of alloy, the use of advanced welding technology to ensure the high performance ratio of the cutting teeth.Read More

  • 1313 1613 PDC Cutter Insert for oil and gas drilling PDC bits

    Contact Now1313 1613 PDC Cutter Insert for oil and gas drilling PDC bitsTydrillbits is a 1313 1613 PDC cutters inserts supplier in China. We supply pdc cutters with 1308, 1313, 1613, 1913 for oil and gas. Our quality PDC cutters will reduce your cost and bring more benefit to you.Read More

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Cutter

    Contact NowPolycrystalline Diamond Compact CutterDimond compact cutters are made of dimond powder and tungsten carbide. Combining the hardness of the dimond and high impact toughness. Because of these superior characteristics, they are widely used in making oil field drill bits.Read More

  • Carbide tapered cross bit for rock drilling

    Contact NowCarbide tapered cross bit for rock drillingCross bit is made from grade hard alloy and special steel. It is suitable to drill the rock hole within diameter of 45mm. It is strong radial abrasion resistance.Read More

  • Electroplated Diamond Core Bit for water well drilling

    Contact NowElectroplated Diamond Core Bit for water well drillingDiamond core drill bits are engineered to stand up to the rigors of the professional coring market. These tools deliver exceptional drilling performance in a wide range of concrete and masonry applications.Read More

  • Flat PDC cutter insert

    Contact NowFlat PDC cutter insertThis PDC cutter is made of diamond powder and tungsten carbide substrate. It has good durability, fast footage, high timeliness, economic and practical. Improved stress distribution makes the bonding surface more solid, improves product reliability and service life, has a higher cost.Read More

  • Picks Cutter and Tool Header

    Contact NowPicks Cutter and Tool HeaderMaterial:40CrMnMo(4140) 42CrMnM(4240) Specification:U82,U84,U85,U92,U95.In addition to common specifications, our products can be made according to your drawings or samples.Read More

  • Non Core Diamond Bits for Water Borehole Drilling

    Contact NowNon Core Diamond Bits for Water Borehole Drilling65mm non core diamond bit for water borehole drilling is made of steel and PDC cutters. It combines the superior advantage of steel and PDC cutters which makes it become the first choice of hole drilling. Welcome to send inquiry to our competetive price Non core PDC drill bits.Read More

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