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PDC Inserts with different shapes

PDC Inserts with different shapes

This series PDC cutter has different shapes. it is a complex material which is made under high temperature and high pressure sintering. Combine the hardness, wear-resistance and thermal conductivity with high impact toughness and strength of tungsten carbide. It is an excellent cutting tools and wear-resistant tools.because of these superior characteristic It is widely used to make mining drill bits, it is also used in machining tools,etc.


Description of different shapes PDC cutters

Features shaped polycrystalline diamond compact are: composite sheet shaped cutting edge contour is not on the

same circle of curves, the composite sheet length and width are not equal. Rock cutting portion of the shaped

composite sheet and relative to the drill bit body shape and size of the attachment site can be designed, respectively,

according to need, therefore, in the composite sheet shaped wear life, eating into the formation easiness of the

control, and the coupling between the bit body the intensity distribution of the teeth as well as saving space, etc., is

better than ordinary round composite sheet, help to improve the working life of the drill bit and rock-breaking 



Different shapes is aim to meet different work conditions. Choosing right shape can improve your working efficiency

and reduce the cost.

Packaging and shipping

Packaging for different shapes PDC cutter is in plastic box, 100 pieces are in one box.

Samples are shipped by express, batch products are shipped by sea or by air;

1-5 days for sample, batch products depend on order quantity.

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