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Single Roller Bits for water well drilling

Single Roller Bits for water well drilling

Top single cone bit cone using diamond composite tooth, enhance the wear resistance of teeth and improve the service life of the drill bit. Gage teeth bit body use large diameter cutting initiative gage ball gear, the drill bit has a good gage role and function backreaming.


Description of single roller bit
Single cone bit is a kind of deceleration bit, which is the speed of cone is smaller than the speed of drill, mainly disorderly cutting broken rock. It is suitable for old well sidetracking and deepening the slim hole drilling operation under high rotary speed and drilling pressure.
1. Its application field is wide, not only suitable for side drilling, and can be used in deep well.
2. Work torque is lower than PDC bit in the same drilling pressure and formation condition. It can reduce the small size hole expansion buckling problems, so that avoid down hole accidents.
3. Single cone bit has advantages of both three cone bit and PDC bit, and make up the disadvantages of both. It is more suitable for large plastic formation than three cone bit, also can be applied to hard inter layer which PDC bit can not deal with other complex formation.
4. It can realize high speed and special drilling with down hole motor.

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Quick details

Product nameSingle roller bit
MaterialPDC, tungsten carbide and steel
StructureNew hydraulic structures
Size4 1/8" to 8 1/2"
IADC code527 547 617
ApplicationWater well drilling
UsageOld wells sidetracking and deepening old wells and other slim hole drilling
PackagingCarton box packaging or as client's requirement
ShippingSamples are shipped by 
Delivery1-7 days for sample, 1-25 days for batch products

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