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Blast Hole Tricone Rock Bits

1. Blast hole tricone rock bits; 2. Air-cooled and gas pressure deslagging; 3. Using for coal and iron ore mining; 4. We also supply tricone bit for water well drilling and oil and gas drilling.
Product Description

Product description
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Xi'an Tydrillbits Co.,Ltd is one of the professional China blast hole tricone rock bits suppliers and exporters, welcome to wholesale cheap blast hole tricone rock bits from our factory.

1, Blast hole tricone rock bits
2, Air-cooled and gas pressure deslagging bit
3, For coal, iron ore, engineering hole chisel into and slag discharge
4, With slag tube
5, Toothed, teeth, claws made of alloy steel teeth using cemented carbide materials
6, Can be cut into about 500 meters to 500 meters

Specifications of ore mining tricone bit
Product name Tricone bit
Material Tungsten carbide buttons and steel
Process Forging
Application Iron ore mining
IADC code 735, 835
Cooling Air cooling
Size KX54, KX64, KX74, KX845
MOQ 1 piece


Parameters of ore mining roller bit


Apply formation Model Wob KN/mm

Drilling speed

(Rev/ min)

Low compressive strength of abrasive medium hard rock

KX54 0.392-0.834 80-120

High compressive strength of abrasive in hard rock

KX64 0.490-0.883 60-100
High abrasive abrasive or hard formation F = 12 ~ 16 KX74 0.588-1.177 50-80

High abrasive and hard rock strata F = 16 ~ 20

KX845 0.687-1.471 50-80



Products features of ore mining tricone bit
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1, Using air cooling, reduce the bearing temperature.

2, Using air discharge to ensure that the bottom hole clean.

3, Meet liquid slag tube, prevent waste residue into the drill bit.

4, Different using different types of rock structure design, can improve efficiency.

5, Has the gauge teeth, have good protection bit effect, prolong life.

Packaging and shipping
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Packaging for blast hole tricone bit is in wooden box packaging, 1 piece is in 1 box;

Samples are shipped by express, batch products are shipped by sea or by air;

Within 5 days for available goods, batch product is up to the order quantity.

Why choose us

1. 10 years rock drilling tools manufacturing experience;

2. Powerful technology support and mature manufacturing experience;

3. Strict quality control before delivering;

4. Variety of payment: T/T, Wester Union, Credit card and PayPal.

5. 24 hours online service;

6. We can provide customized products with special requirements.

7. We accept sample order.


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