API PDC Bits For Drilling Oilfield

Oilfield PDC Drill Bits, Tungsten Carbide, PDC Inserts manufacturer/supplier in China, offering API PDC Bits for Drilling Oilfield, Tungsten Carbide Rods with Internal Threading, diamond drill bit, pdc drill bit, diamond core drill bit, square hol...

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Non -Leached PDC Cutters

Non leached PDC cutters are mainly used for coal mining and geological drilling. 1308 flat PDC cutters and 1308 domed PDC cutters.

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Tungsten Carbide Bullet Teeth Coal Mining Pick

Tungsten carbide coal mining picks, coal mining picks with tungsten carbide tips, coal cutter bits, coal coring bits for mining, coal cutting picks wholesale, What is the model size of coal cutting picks, round shank chisel bits, round shank conic...

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The PDC And Button Rotary Rock Bit

Whatis the PDC and Button rotary rock bit? Roller Cones, or Tricones, have three moving heads. Button Bits have tungsten carbide inserts Tooth Bits have steel teeth. PDC Bits are fixed cutters. Unlike Tricones, there is no movement re...

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Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit For Coal Mining

API Drill Bits, Core Bit, diamond core bits, impregnated core bits, offering Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit for Directional Drilling, 3 1/2'~12 1/4"Oil Well PDC Bit PDC Matrix Body Diamond Oil Drilling Bit. PDC Oil Drill Bit and water well drilling dri...

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Tungsten Carbide Road Milling Teeth

Road milling bits are also named road milling teeth, road planning bits, tungsten carbide road milling bits for sale. YG11C alloy steel road bits for asphalt road milling machine. 42CrMo steel road milling teeth.

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Road Planning Bit For Milling Machinery Part

Road milling bits, tungsten carbide tips road milling bit, road milling picks and tool holders.road milling tool holder,construction machinery parts, construction machinery parts China supplier,road planning bits etc.

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High Impact Toughness Tungsten Carbide Diamond PDC Cutter

PDC cutter is made by very hard and impact toughness tungsten carbide and diamond powder. Combining the advantage of the two materials the PDC cutters are widely used in coal mining and oil field to make PDC drill bits. Welcome to send inquiry to us.

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55mm 56mm 65mm 66mm 75mm 76mm Sintered Non Core PDC Bit

Matrix body PDC drill bit is our new design for coal mining. It adopts tungsten carbide as the bit body, PDC cutters as its cutting teeth,combining the characteristics of the two material make the drill bit widely used in coal mining field. Welcom...

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Stainless Steel Ss304 Hollow Round Pipe

XF is a professional manufacturer and supplier for stainless steel pipe. We make hot rolled and cold rolled seamless and welded round,square,rectangular pipe with good quality,and selling at favorable price.

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