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94mm Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit

1. 94mm Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit is use for hole drilling in medium to hard formation in mining and dam construction;2. We also supply steel body PDC bit with competetive price;3. We accept sample order.
Product Description

Product description
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94mm Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit

This is 94mm Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit. It is made by PDC cutter brazed to Matrix Body. With higher strength of tungsten carbide as the body, the bit has good anti-erosive and the increased the toughness. With wear-resistance and hardness of PDC cutters, the flat face matrix body bit has enhanced reliability and drilling efficiency. Matrix body bit is widely used in coal mining, geological drilling, water well drilling and ore mining and water conservancy. 

Quick details of 94 mm PDC drill bit
Product namePDC matrix body drill bit


Tungsten carbide and PDC cutters


Coal mining and ore mining


Hole drilling of gas drainage hole, deep drainage hole,

grouting hole and geological hole

Rock formation

Hard rock formation

Suitable rock grade

f≤18 or d≤10



Water hole

1 piece


7 pieces

Gauge material

Tungsten carbide


1 piece



Packaging and shipping

PDC bit packaging.jpg

Packaging for 94mm PDC matrix body drill bit is in carton box, 3 pieces are in one carton.

Samples are shipped by express, batch products are shipped by sea or by air.

Delivery:  samples will be sent within 1-5 working days,  batch products will be up to the order quantity.

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Why choose us

1. 10 years PDC drill bits manufacturing experience;

2. Powerful technology support and mature manufacturing process;

3. Strict quality control before delivering;

4. Variety of payment: T/T, Wester Union, Credit card and PayPal.

5. 24 hours online service;

6. We can provide customized products with special requirements.

7. We can supply FORM E if you need.

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