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Wear-Resistant RP01 Road Milling Teeth

1. Wear-resistant RP01 road milling teeth are made of tungsten carbide tips and 42CrMo;2. It applies for asphalt stabilization;3. Carbide tips shape of RP01 bits is cylindrical, it applies for any kinds of road milling equipment.
Product Description

Product description

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Wear-resistant RP01 road milling teeth

RP01 carbide conical road milling picks are made of tungsten carbide tips and steel body. It applies for asphalt stabilizition. Carbide tips shape of RP01 bits is cylindrical, this shape is suitable for cutting asphalt and ditching. We also RP05, RP06, RP18, RP19, RP20, RP21, RZ24, RZ25, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W1-13, W1-17 etc standard sizes.

Quick detail of RP01 teeth

Picks cutter for road milling machine

RP01 road milling bit

Quick details of RP01 road milling teeth

Product nameRoad milling teeth


Tungsten carbide tipped ans alloy shank body



Collar size


Recommended for

machine size


Tools type

Road milling tools


Stabilizing, soft to hard asphalt and concrete road milling

Delivery time

1-5 days for sample,1-15 days for batch products


50 pieces

Application of road milling teeth

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We supply road milling picks to cut asphalt and concrete road, milling width from 0.5m-2m. Suitable for Wirtgen and Dynapac,Cat and Kennamatel road milling machine etc.  Specifications with Round shank 19. 4mm and 22mm.

Packaging and shipping

Packaging for RP01 road milling teeth is in plastic box, 50 pieces are in one box, box size is 27*18*19cm.

Samples are shipped by express, batch products are shipped by sea or by air.

Delivery: 1-5 days for samples, 1-15 days for batch products.

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