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The Alloy Bit

1. Alloy bit is made by superior steel; 2. It is wear-resistant and high impact toughness, because of good characteristics carbide bit is widely used in coal mining and ore mining; 3. Except for inner hexagon coal bit, we also supply PDC anchor bit.
Product Description

Product description
Inner hex anchor bits.jpg

The Alloy Bit for coal mining

This is the inner hexagon coal bit, it is made by alloy steel and steel. It has lower cost and suit for soft formation hole drilling in coal mining.

Specifications of alloy bit


Product name Carbide bit
Material Tungsten carbide
Process Forging
Application Coal mining and ore mining
Packaging Carton box packaging
Delivery 1-5 days for available goods, batch product is up to the order quantity
Shipping Samples are shipped by express, batch products are shipped by sea or by air
Our main product PDC bit, coal bit, rock drilling tools, road milling bits and tooth blocks, etc
Packaging and shipping
hexagon anchor drill bits.jpg

Packaging for the alloy bit for coal mining is in the plastic box. 50 pieces are in one box;

Goods will be sent by express if the quantity is small, if quantity is large will sent by air or by sea;

Samples will be sent within 15 working days, batch products will be up to the order quantity.

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Except for the alloy bit for coal mining, we also supply hexagon bit with PDC cutters and PDC anchor bit, if you are interested in any of them, please feel free to contact us.

PDC Bits half pdc cutters.jpg

2 wing PDC anchor bit

  iner hexagon PDC bit.jpg

Inner hexagon PDC bit

  3 wings pdc anchor bit.jpg

3 wings PDC anchor bit


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